Like Punjab is famous for its makki di roti and sarson ka saag and south India is famous for its masala dosa and idli, Maharashtra is famous for its vada pao and Gujarat is famous for its dhokla and khandvi and Rajasthan is famous for its daal batti churma, same way Bengal is famous for its fish.

Bengal is a coastal state von the eastern side of India, it touches the bay of Bengal at its southern side. The famous Hooghly river flows through its lands. Being a coastal state Bengal is famous for its fisheries and sea food industry. There are thousands of variety of fishes found in the bay of Bengal which the fisher men and other industrial fishing trawlers go in the sea and catch the fish. The Bengal is also famous for the export of the fish to almost every country in the world. The Bengali fish also has a very huge market within the limits of India and Bengali fish is found in every famous fish market of India. The Bengal fish is also considered a very favored delicacy in the metros of India.


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