Chicken is one of the versatile delicacies that go perfectly at any time of the day. Poultry consumption can be easily seen increasing among kids and young people. If your taste buds get excited with just the smell of chicken cooking somewhere, you’re definitely a true lover of it. With a chicken devotee tag, it would be surely unfair of you to not have Desi Murga Country Chicken!

Commonly known as Kadaknath Chicken, Desi Murga Chicken is counted among one of the rarest breeds of India. Having a lot of nutritional and medicinal values, its meat is high in demand across the entire country. From treating nervous disorders to asthma, post delivery problems, and nephritis, Kadaknath Chicken is good for people of all ages. Its hard yet mouth-watering meat leaves anyone’s mouth salivating. You might not have tasted such luscious black meat. Besides meat, the legs, skin, beak, and even eggs of Kadaknath are black in color. This amazing fact must be making many of you out there to already grab this meat right away.


Pure Country Chicken apart from being healthier is more way tastier. Fed with a balanced diet, adding this meat to your staple diet is beneficial in all ways. However, still, the taste of Kadaknath remains a luxury for many people.

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