Chicken can be cooked and relished in multiple ways. But, do you know about the black chicken? Yes, Kadaknath Chicken, which is found only in a few places is one of the most appreciated breeds of Chicken, people die for.

The demand for Kadaknath is increasing with each passing day. As compared to white chicken, it contains a low level of cholesterol. Also, it tastes extremely delicious than broiler chicken. It is popular for its black colored meat, blood, eggs, and even skin. The quantity of protein is abundant in it, while that of the fat is really low at the same time. For all heart and diabetic patients out there, nothing can be as good as Kadaknath for you.


With incredible benefits and rarest poultry breed of India, this meat is sold at expensive price than other varieties in the market. Its texture can give you hunger pangs anytime, any day. It has such an excellent meat quality that you have been desiring for since long. Kadaknath is ideal for all those who need a heavy dose of multivitamins to carry out their daily chores with a boost of energy. Fresh chicken not only improves your health but also tastes delicious. Taste once, and you’ll surely fall for the mouth-watering flavor of Kadaknath. No doubt, the essence of its zesty meat will make you wish to be served with it every other day.

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